If get to retirement. Maribel Cerezuela

If I get to retirement, if I can enjoy that time called retirement without having to go to work, with full mental and physical to decide on my own life powers. If I died while there is no alarm clock .., only the biological clock that marks our existence. ... If I say, I have plans.

         Big plans sometimes feel that will never come true because I can die like so many others of a heart attack .. because I can die from traffic accidents, because I can die and die every day a little more. Because I'm a little girl dying every day because I have not grown at all.

        If I reach retirement ageless and timeless, if I can I enjoy the vision that belongs to me and I can take a picture painted by far the bright green of the sea. I can smell thousands of scents walk every morning upon waking.

         If I retire if I do not die, another day will be born, and I can realize my dream and I can enjoy that time. Of course, by then, it may not have enough money or inclination or courage to live my dream; that pushes me to save for travel this summer .., that money it costs me a piece of canvas or a new boar bristle brush ...
If I retired maybe ...

         So, sometimes, I do not want you reach retirement. So I want to continue living in the unconsciousness of the ignorant, innocent. So I do not want to think ... neither save nor be afraid. Maybe. If I retired. ......

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